Friday, April 2, 2010

[CANCELED] Donate and Win a COMPLETE Website!

We have canceled this - - - - the fundraiser we were doing this for has been canceled.
Thursday, April 1, 2010

Are You Simply Tempted?

Imagine leaving your well decorated condo in the early morning hours…dressed in only the latest haute couture and climbing into your brand new convertible. First stop…a little shopping at your favorite chic bath and body boutique that has become your secret haven. Here you find the very best little treasures the world has to offer…

You briskly walk thru the salamander pink door as the tinker of a little bell softly rings behind you, and you stop and just stand in awe surrounded by vibrant colors and mouth watering scents of naturally made products that are laid out before you like gifts of the Gods…
 PUCKER UP<br />
$5.25 $4.75

Natural ingredients await you by the plenty… Rich butters such as shea and mango, the finest oils, fresh goat’s milk, and Dead Sea salts all work together in unison to gently soften your skin back to the days before tanning beds, crazy ex boyfriends, and the monthly shock of your American Express bill.
Close your eyes and deeply inhale as the mix of scents from the highest quality fragrance and essential oils whisk you quickly away to your happy place.
You move inward and make your way to the home area and marvel at the large selection of high quality, long lasting and luxuriously scented melts, candles, and room sprays.
You glance slowly around the shop taking in all the luxurious scents that surround you as you try to decide where to begin. You are engulfed in an air of mystery and intrigue surrounded by products so scrumptious and inviting…they are simply nourishing, simply invigorating…and you my dear are just quite Simply Tempted…. 

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WDS Review by Moms Wear Your Tees

http://momswearyourtees.comLast week, Scarlet joined my Network and while reviewing her site I realized I came across a real gem. Her website really didn't reflect who she was and it didn't really reflect her business either. 

I approved her into The Entreprenher Society and quickly emailed her. I told her that her service was AWESOME and that we should "talk". Within the hour I was busy reconstructing her website with a new design & format. 3 Days later, Moms Wear Your Tees had a complete new professional look and in return Scarlet did a review of my services! 
What is Mom Wear Your Tees?
Scarlet opened Mom Wear Your Tees in December 2009. She offers amazing services to get your business across the net via Facebook, Twitter, her Blog, her website and more. Her services are not only affective but very affordable!
Moms Wear Your Tees does your website promotion for you, effectively increasing targeted traffic to your website! We use social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, etc) because it is the hottest new trend in internet marketing and advertising and it works- plain and simple. Not only does social media marketing drive targeted traffic from the networks of people that read the postings, it also helps with search engine optimization, SEO, because of the increase in links to your site on social media.

One of the best ways to get visitors to your site is through search engines because that means those customers looked for you! They already want what you have to offer. This targeted visitor is the best visitor possible. So a main priority of a site owner is to get to the top of search engines and stay there. This is where Moms Wear Your Tees (MWYT) comes in. One of the main criteria search engines use to rank your site is the number of links you have to your site. MWYT uses social media marketing, which is really just "word of mouth" in computer format, to provide you with many permanent links to popularize your site and help boost your search engine standing.
Scarlet's services are not "one of a kind" as there are several people who offer similar services,  but her attention to her clients definitely is "one of a kind" and personal! She takes the time to really test your product/service, researches and really gives her honest opinion on what she is reviewing.

MWYT offers the following services:
  • I create a write-up about your company, and products and feature it in Moms Wear Your Tees Blog with your website links.
  • I post to Twitter, My Space, Facebook, Yahoo groups and Cafemom groups about your company, website, and/or products and provide links.
  • You also get a permanent link along with displaying your logo on our client calendar pages.
  • Optional- If you send a company tee, I wear it all day. I post pictures of me in your company tee and/or with your company product to the MWYT blog, Facebook, and to a Picasa Web Album that is searchable on Google. (Your company tee or product gives people a visual that they can connect with as we post about what your company offers.)
While I didn't actually "hire" Scarlet to review my site, I can tell you that hiring Scarlet to review & promote your business would be a wise investment. Within an hour of her posting her review & promoting my business on several networks the traffic to my site more than doubled. While I haven't received any actual "sales" through the promotion yet, my name got "out there" and has been seen by other moms who will now have my services in the back our mind when they are searching for something unique and quick. 

Visit Moms Wear Your Tees TODAY. You won't be disappointed!

See Scarlet's Review on WDS HERE
Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fancy Fonts + Websites = Bad Idea!

Clients ask about "fancy fonts" all the time when they are setting up their websites. I always recommend NOT using fancy fonts. There are several reasons and I could on and on and on about it - instead I will just share this article with you! :)

Whether you just started designing your website or have had your site up and running for months or even years, you may want to check your fonts.

For beginners, let me take just a moment to explain what fonts are. Fonts are the style of lettering you use to write the text on your web page. When you add text to your web page, you'll choose which "font" style you want for your letters. Most programs have hundreds or even thousands of fonts to choose from. Some that you are probably familiar with are "Times New Roman", "Arial", or "Impact".

Here are a couple of reasons why you'll want to steer clear of using fancy fonts on your website:

Problem Number One:
Though the fonts may look great on your computer screen, they may look totally distorted on your visitor's screen. Because everyone has different fonts installed on their computer, your list of fonts may not be the same as others. Therefore, if you select a font that another person doesn't have, the words won't look the same on their computer as it does yours.

Safe fonts that most programs have, and that are okay to use are Times Roman and Arial. Netscape Composer has a default font called "Variable Width" which is the same as Times New Roman. I leave my font at this default setting any time I'm writing content text for my web pages. I also use the Comic Sans font for my "headlines only" on my web pages and haven't had any complaints so far. But I wouldn't recommend using Comic Sans for your entire website text... just to be safe.

If you want to use a certain style of font like Comic Sans, Futura, etc. and you want it to look the same on every person's computer that views your web page, you will need to type your words in the font style you want and save it as a graphic file. This is the only way to make the font look the same for everyone.
Xara offers a program called Xara Webstyle that allows you to create your own graphics, banners, bullets, buttons, and backgrounds using graphic templates no matter what your skill level. You can go here to see some examples at Xara... Otherwise, your web page may look messy and will be totally unformatted if you use fonts other people may not have.

Problem Number Two:
Some fonts are very difficult to read. The best "reading" fonts are in print, clear, and concise. When writing long copy, consider the fact that your reader may wear glasses and have difficulty reading, and that reading fancy writing actually places strain on the eyes.

Remember, you're writing to a potential customer, and you want to make reading your website as pleasant as possible. Plain fonts may not be "pretty", but your visitor will read it. He/she is there to find information.
I'll give you a quick illustration... I visited a site once that was written completely in cursive. The site had long text paragraphs and all was written in fancy cursive writing. It was very difficult to read and tough on my eyes. Reading that kind of writing can give you a headache very quickly!
So please try to avoid these two "fancy fonts" problems, and keep your site's writing simple and plain. It will show your reader that you designed it for him/her, and help increase your potential for success tremendously!

Article by Candice Pardue

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Under Construction

WDS Update & News is undergoing a complete transformation. I hope to have it back up and running over the next 2 weeks.



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